June 19, 2020 COMSTOCK GOODS


This site is operated by Bill Boyd, Marshal of Virginia City & Gold Hill, situated on the East side of Sun Mountain on the Comstock Lode, established in 1856 when “Gold” was discovered. Later they found out that the gray mud they had been digging through was “Silver”! From 1863 to 1868 the area funded the North and helped create the United States. Just 23 miles from Reno, 14 miles from Carson City, 58 miles from the South Shore of Lake Tahoe and 33 miles from the old Pondarosa Ranch on the North Shore of the Lake. framing “The Way It Was” and stands today for our Western Way of Life.

This Web Site will be around long after I am Gone. It will continue to operate by the benefit of a Trust.

I have represented the area known as Virginia City on the Comstock Lode since 1959 when the Virginia City Frontiersman Fast Draw Club was formed and we performed Walk and Draw contest against one another, Timed Target shooting and Gun Handling. We hosted the teams from the 1960 Winter Olympics when they came to town to see us perform and thousands of tourist in Reno, Carson City, Silver City, Sun Down Town, the Pondarosa in Nevada and towns and cities throughout California. We co-hosted the Silver Spurz Awards by the City of Reno from 1960 -65 when John Wayne was brought back to get another set of Spurz, in “Gold” and we entertained him at Sun Down Town as we had Jim Arness. (Marshal Dillon) Later we hosted Richard Boon and even performed for the World Premier for the Movie “Guns of the Timberline” in Reno for Alan Ladd. We were our own show, six guns flashing with our uniform shirts displaying the Bucket of Blood Saloon, the Delta Saloon, the Silver Queen, the Old 62 Bar, the Territorial Enterprise, the Turquoise Shop, the V&T RR and Sun Dance Silver Cravat.

In 1977 I volunteered and was Appointed to the Office of Marshal of Virginia City & Gold Hill by the Storey County Commissioners and the Chamber of Commerce for the purpose of representing the area

Nationally Promoting Tourism, because I was known as a World Class Fast Draw Champion and the owner of Boyd Buckles of Reno, Nevada and traveled all over the United States to promote my Buckles and appeared on TV, Radio stations, Rodeo’s like in Las Vegas and the Houston Texas Stock Show where my Virginia City Marshal’s Silver Dollar Car, By Nudies Rodeo Taylor’s, was on display.

The Sheriff swore me in Office in Front of “Piper’s” Opera House and the Territorial Enterprise announced that my office would be Self Funded. A task that I have performed all these past years.

In 2018, 19 and 20 I distributed Brochures and Wooden Nickles in Southern Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and California on different trips, each year. I have done this sort of thing for the past 43 years. My Wooden Nickles have Circulated the Globe.

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